Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is Cambodia lucky enough to have Ven. Loun Sovath to hepl protect Human Rights?

Is Cambodia lucky enough to have Ven. Loun Savath
to hepl protect Human Rights?

Enthusiasm is a double-edged sword that can make or break an individual if it is not properly controlled.

I like Venerable Loun Sovath’s courageous activities to help bring justice to Cambodian victims of human rights abuses. And I also like his enthusiasm and passion in doing his gracious works to let the world know about Cambodia’s need ---to improve its human rights record. It is a much needed record for the Cambodian government, IF it wants to be recognized as a civilized and dignified government.

It is indeed a tough job for Ven. Loun Sovath…for being a prominent monk who must balance between Buddhist disciplines and the day-to-day life and politics of laypersons; especially, when he is in a spotlight and being watched by thousands.

Any activity contradicts to Buddhist rules of conduct can become problems. Problems that may hinder his own progress toward his personal purposes as well as the long-term progress of thousands of people who may count on his works.

It is very important for Ven Loun Savath to control his enthusiasm. Turn it on when it is necessary and tune it down when it is not. Watching his own steps and actions is one of the most important things he must do.

It is understandable that sometimes, people unconsciously do things that may cause adverse effects to his/her success or the success of the majority. But, for Ven. Loun, he must not let his personal pride and pleasure control his mood and actions. He must not give weapons or alibis to his opponents to may effortlessly use to destroy his good cause.

Buddha preaches proper balancing and adhering to certain behaviors and ethical conducts to achieve your goal. Follow his path and you will surely reach your destiny.
Timothy Chhim

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