Friday, February 10, 2012

Venerable Luon Sovath visited Canada

Dear Dhamma Friends;

Venerable Luon Sovath has been landing in Montreal, Canada, for his trip of Buddhist missionary and bringing news on his human rights activities in Cambodia to inform all Khmer diaspora in North America. He will stay in Canada for about three months before leaving back Cambodia.

Note that Venerable Luon Sovath has been invited and landed in many countries around the world such as the USA, Europe and Australia. His trip to Canada in this time is his second time to North America.

If you wish to meet Venerable Luon Sovath personally, or in group, or wish to invite him to give a speech on Engaged Buddhism, please feel free to contact him directly via Email:, or Skype: Venerable.Loun Sovath. Or you can refer to this link for more information:

May you progress in the Dhamma. May Cambodian people are blessed by the Dhamma. May human beings are living in PEACE!


  1. Dear friends

    Don't forget to look on the information web site, there you can see how much harmony it brings to make Dhamma to politic.

    Be mindful and maybe you like to donate money for traveling for homeless people rather then to but endless oil into the fire of walking the way of opinion.

    One would even protect environment if one starts to practice like it was taught. If one does not care about him self, one should honestly care about others. Wrong things are selfish in any way.

    May all find the way to real happiness for them selves with ease!


  2. Dear Hanzze;

    It seems you are caring so much about helping Venerable Luon Sovath for his socially engaged Buddhist activities.

    If you preach peace, you should not lay down a sharp wire on other people's activities and opinions.


  3. Dear Dhammaduta,

    there are two worldly reasons why people are attached to other. One is affection (love, greed, like, lobha...) and one is hate (anger, aversion, dislike, dosa...)
    Do you think that there is a kind of care outside of attachment?

    Does a dog gets angry, if you touch his wound to heal it?
    Does a chicken feel good if the owner hugs it to put it on the balance?

    What could be the reason for wrong interpretation? What do you think?


  4. "If you preach peace, you should not lay down a sharp wire on other people's activities and opinions."

    With this, you catch the main problem. Off cause. Let us think carefully about this insight!


  5. Ven. Loun Sovath has done nothing wrong according to the teaching and Vinaya of Lord Buddha. Of course, he has helped to wake up all Cambodian people especially Cambodian monks to engaged more with society so that they can practice the Dhamma correctly.

    With Peace,


  6. Dear Dhammaduta,

    Its a matter of everybody by him self to look if his actions lead to peace and are harmlessness, and as you sad before one: "f you preach peace, you should not lay down a sharp wire on other people's activities and opinions."

    If we look at the Vinaya, and we reflect without lying to our self, we are protected to do wrong even we do not understand today.
    As soon as we take opinion, taking side are attached to this or that group, we are forcing the quarrel, we get part of the quarrel and as long as we don't understand what Dhamma practice is about we have to learn. The more stubborn we are to our wrong views, the deeper we grow into bigger troubles. Actually its always suffering, that is able to lead also the not so wise one out of wrong views. When our reasons are not enough, we don't let go.
    According to the Vinaya it's one thing to keep not following it, and another thing to make a Sangha split. The consequences will meet each individual and to follow the wrong, is also always a matter of ones past karma.

    Right judgement is about judging actions, and the focus is the own action. If your moral conducts are good you can also help others, if they are not so good, you might but much hypocrisy into what you tell. Its never about a person or a being, it need to be understood, that we are able to change all the time and its always up to our self.

    Attached to the outside world you are not able to understand right mindfulness and will not gain better concentrations and the objects of investigations are always the wrong.

    There are three steps to be able to live a peaceful live. Before you put an action (mental, verbal, physical) you relay on your memory and quest your self: "Will it lead to harm and suffering for my self or for others? honest! and if, don't do it. If not, go on (maybe you have no memory to relay on), but jump to the second step and mindfully watch if it causes harm while your are doing it. If you see that it bring harm to your self or to others, simply stop it. If not go on. And you have to investigate the longtime effects of your action. So this three steps of investigations (if you are honest to your self) will help you to increase your capacity of understanding and with time you will be able to know the write thing also before you start to do it.

    to be continue:

  7. ...continue:

    If one is stubborn and in-honest to one self, does not look left and right does not see the quarrel he produces, does not see his own increasing problem, dhukka will do the teaching naturally, but that is a very hurtful way. Why because it is the way aside of the middle path of thoughtful actions.

    Look, the Buddha made an offering. You can take it or leave it. The same is with advices of people who are not that much attached but have a little understanding to share. You can take it and reflect or you can stay attached to your views. Nobody can lead your own choice. Problems are always made by wrong action, dependent things are going there ways.

    So maybe you like to change the kind of investigation and take that what is useful rather to think of "Ohh he is a enemy, Ohh he is a friend" Through this glasses you will never see clear.

    If you look at the Vinaya, you will see that their are maybe a handful of monks who really follow it. Buddha told even ordinary people not following the mass, the tradition or the common customs, but to investigate for one self what was taught by the wise.
    To excuse his own wrong doings in the way to refer on others: "He is also not perfect. He also does not follow the Vinaya." is the wrong way. By following each other but do not reflect by one self what Buddha has taught, thing are growing collectively more worse. Attachment is it's primer cause.

    Excuse wrongdoing for the sake of doing something good is not what the Buddha has taught. We can not protect our self and others if we do not put priority in our own actions in simply abstaining for harming. We can not protect forest and nature in using things which are gained through destroying forest and nature. We can not preach modesty if we our self are not able to live a modesty live. So simple are things, and people who are doing it in that way have other reasons, which are not pure jet.

    Practicing Dharma is actually very simple: Do I harm my self or other? Yes or no, nothing else. As soon as a but arises, you can be sure to be caught by wrong ideas. No "but"s. Just yes or now. All the "but"s lead to worry and additional defilement and will keep you away for gaining more insight. Simple and just where you are.