Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Latest activities of Ven. Luon Sovath in Cambodia reported by Al Jazeera

Yesterday, Al Jazeera reporters spent full day with Venerable Preah Krou Luon Sovath for his socially engaged Buddhist activities with laypeople and the victims of forced eviction of Boeung Kok Lake residents.

The video shoot, comments and interviewing were extensively conducted.

Please, stay tune for his latest news on both domestic and international media as well as his visiting to the Boeung Kok Lake site for spiritual guidance, preaching them strength stemming from internal emancipation, non-violence and hope to those forced evicted residents. Note that many homes of urban poors in Beoung Kok Lake areas were devastated by bulldozers and arms authority in recent months. This human right violation has again shocked the world. The world can see that the government and authority are having no willingness to treat those urban poors fairly.

Stay tune... 

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