Monday, October 10, 2011

Chi Kraeng Duong Chet (Lang Grabbing Song at Chi Kraeng)

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  1. I used to share some times in the forest with them.
    Actually it is sad, that first they build a monastery anywhere is the forests. People believe and honor the religion and so they also join in this work.

    They start to cut wood for the building and they believe that "modern developement" is the way Buddha taught.

    With the pagoda comes different work, motorbikes, machines and all this stuff. Short after that comes the idea to make a livelihood out of all this new ideas and new works. Then they build a good road to the monastery and after that they increase the building and all the new people who join the forest land seek for work and they use the forest to survive.

    Then they start to cut the trees, because they do not know the way of living in the forest. They also join to make even highways to get the bright future of the new time.

    There traditional ways are destroyed because there is no more forest and no more traditional livelihood possible and in only some of 30 years a whole culture is gone.

    Everywhere monks are known as protector of the forest, they need to protect the forest, without forest there will be no more Buddha Dhamma left. The forest is the place where wise people grow. Those people living with the nature have much more understanding about life and nature than even high scientists. Spirituality grows in the forest, while the ordinary man is attached to form, sound, smell, tast, touch and fears the forest.

    Unfortunately Dhamma is broadly misunderstood on many places where it has originated. Today there is a material attachment and no idea about the meaning behind. We would rarely find Bhikkhus living in the way Buddha advices, but they also come to the forest, mostly they are the first.

    May we see the great secrets and wisdom of forest people and respect them and leave them alone.
    Missionary is a dangerous tool, we are sometimes to arrogant to see much more developed kinds of live.

    We should not use them as an instrument of our ideas, but but every effort in protecting there land and there old identity as much as there way of live.

    Thanks for the memories of places and people which are already gone.

    with metta

    May all beings realize the way to real peace for them self!