Thursday, July 25, 2013

Election Watch: Violence in the Election

Op-Ed: Leadership Skills
A CNRP's youth was hit by CPP's youth
Photo courtesy: Facebook
response to clip
Messages to all TV channels and Radios which are attacking Khmer youth.
Messages are concerning on violence should not be incited between Khmers and Khmers. If violence occurs, foreigner has always taken advantage. All Khmers must wake up for a great unification as a Khmer family. Message advised all youth to conduct professionally, non-violence and stay in unity.
Photo courtesy: Facebook
After Aja A's comment on violence and military coup will happen if the CNRP won the election, NEC has taken a historical action to order shutting down this radio channel. But civil societies are eager to see official confirmation from top officials of military and police department to this incitement comment. Aja A or Seng Bunveng's comment is seen as intimidation and illegal to the law on election.
However, it has become heating debate and sharing on facebook right now after CTN aired a video clip made by cutting from different sources accusing the CNRP's supporters and youth as immature, bad behaviour and gangster. The clip televised throughout the country and ended by a song praising the CPP.
NEC must also take action on this airing clip whose content is considered causing hatred among political supporters. It is likely an incitement. After the airing many violences happened.

 This is the clip aired by CTN accusing CNRP's supporters are racist, disorganized, particularly young supporters (youth) are like gangster.
This is the clip of the so-called CPP's young supporters are stoning at the CNRP's young supporters. Many surrounding people tried to stop them.
This is a clip of another man who was bleeding on his head.

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  1. Most peaceful election ever, and what do your fools do. They draw a line of violence to split people.

    "Monks, there are these three forms of sagacity. Which three? Bodily sagacity, verbal sagacity, and mental sagacity.

    And what is bodily sagacity? There is the case where a monk abstains from taking life, abstains from theft, abstains from unchastity. This is called bodily sagacity.

    And what is verbal sagacity? There is the case where a monk abstains from lying, abstains from divisive tale-bearing, abstains from harsh language, abstains from idle chatter. This is called verbal sagacity.

    And what is mental sagacity? There is the case where a monk who — with the wasting away of the mental fermentations — remains in the fermentation-free awareness-release and discernment-release, having known and made them manifest for himself right in the here and now. This is called mental sagacity.

    These, monks, are the three forms of sagacity."

    You are really the shame of the nation and if people listen to such people, that this great country is lost, really lost in affection, desire and unrighteous ways.

    If would be really better if you would look at you own, really your own problems and not to try to grasp something that is not yours. Stay away with your addiction, far away and go along with the others.