Thursday, May 24, 2012

Inhumane arrest of Venerable Luon Sovath

The video clips and photos here were happening on Thursday of May 24, 2012 while a group of monks and under-cover people dressed in civil inhumanely forced Venerable Luon Sovath into a luxurious car aiming to defrock, intimidate and punishment.

Patting on the head of a monk is grossly impolite and degrading the value of Buddhism.
This is showing that those under-cover civilians are acting like gang without mercy...their hands are not patting but powerfully forcing on his head mercilessly.


  1. It wouldn't have happened if he would have listen and followed the Vinaya. He would be still untouchable if he would have followed Buddhas ways and he would have the chance to work on peace.
    Now he is subject and object of greed, hatred and delusions.
    If he would start to change his mind, he would help everybody to work on reconciliation, but for reconciliation there are 5 necessaries we have to understand:

    [i](1) We are always responsible for our conscious choices. (
    2) We should always put ourselves in the other person's place.
    (3) All beings are worthy of respect.
    (4) We should regard those who point out our faults as if they were pointing out treasure. (Monks, in fact, are required not to show disrespect to people who criticize them, even if they don't plan to abide by the criticism.) (5) There are [b]no — repeat, no — [/b]higher purposes that excuse breaking the basic precepts of ethical behavior.[/i]

    May they tread each other with respect, may nobody break more ethical rules. May laypeople and politician let go of using him as their tool form both sides. May both sides realize that they are using him for selfish ways. May he him self let go of his attachments and grow with forgiveness and discernment that the way of attachments, struggle and fight is neither what the Buddha taught nor a way to any kind of peace.

    Even if you don't understand that fire will burn you all, do not push additional oil into a sprouting flame destroying every reconciliation.

    Start to learn from history and give up your selfish and silly pride. There is nothing.

    Let go of people who preach attachment, greed, hatred and pride. Otherwise your delusion will grow till you are also physical part of the burning fire out of ignorance.

    [i]One is the quest for worldly gain, and quite another is the path to Nibbana. Clearly understanding this, let not the monk, the disciple of the Buddha, be carried away by worldly acclaim, but develop detachment instead.[/i]

    Send them all (all parts!) your goodwill (metta) and wish them to find release and the way to peace for them self and that they might keep virtue higher than there deluded ideas.

  2. Dear Hanzze;

    Buddha said "Manusa Nana Cittam" means "individuals have their own mind". The ways of Buddha is multi-ways, not only hell and heaven like other theistic religion but can be human being, animals and Nibbana as well.

    When you are preaching on forest monk way, you must go to the forest. Whenever, Venerable Loun Sovath has proclaimed himself that he is not wrong both Vinaya and national laws, he will continue his task. Stopping him from continue that right task means to kill him alive or stopping his breath or pushing him to the abyss of blind man...

    If you have not pursued the ideal of philanthropy and altruism, let yourself be a quiet room than to preach to those philanthropic and altruistic people.

    All my best wish to you,


  3. You better start to learn and understand Vinaya (there is only one). To degrade Vinaya and repeat faults is the reason for disband from the Sangha.

    When one goes the way of the Buddha, one task is to practice and to not pull the Sangha into shame.
    All aside this is just selfish and deluded.

    Everybody is free to do what he likes, and he will face the consequences of his deeds.

    Rather that to fear people how point out faults would be to face that as friends. But when we are in a movie we think that even or mother is our enemy.

    Just a side question, since when is o monk allowed to wear sun glasses?
    You will not find a singe role he did not break, that is the nature of breaking one and do not confess it.

    You might like to send him into more problems and more suffering as you identify your self with it. That is the reason why not only he will suffer from his misdeeds but you as well.

    Start to be a friend and act like a admirable friend:

    Should one find a man who points out faults and who reproves, let him follow such a wise and sagacious person as one would a guide to hidden treasure. It is always better, and never worse, to cultivate such an association. Dhp 76

    from the sigolavada sutta:

    "In four ways, young householder, should one who gives good counsel be understood as a warm-hearted friend:
    (i) he restrains one from doing evil,
    (ii) he encourages one to do good,
    (iii) he informs one of what is unknown to oneself,
    (iv) he points out the path to heaven.

    and there are:

    The friend who appropriates,
    the friend who renders lip-service,
    the friend that flatters,
    the friend who brings ruin,
    these four as enemies the wise behold,
    avoid them from afar as paths of peril.

    Start to look at him if you are a real friend, rather to use him like all other here do.

  4. This arrest if we are objective, was very human. Do say that it was inhuman, is a lie. In every developed country they would have put him to the ground and use handcuff.

    The most problematic thing and one you are fighting against is civil disorder and disrespect against the authority and law.
    What this man in robe did, was civil disorder and it self a offense which will cost a year arrest in every developed country.

    You can not teach people to respect laws while breaking them out of the idea, that personal ideas are higher then that. That is simply calling for anarchy. That is working on problem while making the same faults.

    There is no different between worldly problems to keep a peaceful community and the roles to keep peace for the Vinaya. An outlaw person, will be always bring troubles and problems as he puts him self and his ideas higher as general agreements.

    If you like that people keep laws, you have to be a sample. Virtue is just hypocrisy if it is just good as long it goes along one ideas. Virtue has to be simple and absolute.

    Land problems, deforestation... are all problems of civil disorder. If you, your self are on a level of real integrity and not on a level of opinion or opposite, you might be able to teach and guide others to welfare.
    If you don't do so, you are just another silly man about millions, who worship there own "I", "my", "our" and will lead even to war and the death of many for things which are not real, lasting and of real satisfaction.

    There was never a hero who did not suffer even in the present live but many lives after again and again.

    There is no such thing as a right in our world, rights are ideas. Human have tasks, people have tasks and while fulfilling them correctly they would even never need to claim any right.

    I guess you do not see how much pity the authority has, they could easily do it in different ways. Do not force them to do so, they are also just humans with fear and have their limits guided by greed, hatred and delusion as you as well. Virtue gives fearlessness and peace to uncountable beings. To be just virtuous you would not need to struggle just a single moment but you need to overcome the raw defilements as well as to enter the stream.