Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In the Immortal Commemoration of Khmer Hero Chut Vutthy

សូមវិញ្ញាណក្ខន្ឌរបស់លោកជុត វុទ្ធីបានទៅកាន់សុគតិភពដោយអំណាចគុណធម៍ ឧទ្ទិសខ្លួនដើម្បីរក្សាធម្មជាតិនិងព្រែឈើអោយអនុជនខ្មែរជំនាន់ក្រោយ។

May the conscience and spirit of Khmer Hero Chut Vutthy be peaceful in the progressive dimension as he has dedicated his life for the preservation of green nature and forest of Cambodia for Cambodian younger generations.

Watch these photos Venerable Luon Sovath participated in the funeral and mourning ceremony of Hero Chut Vutthy at his home village and family.

Watch these photos for latest participation of Venerable Luon Sovath with other thousands of Cambodian workers during the Celebration of Labor Day in Cambodia.

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  1. Well, if monks would follow the tradition on Buddha and fight their defilement in the forest like Buddha and his disciples did, rather to run around with camera and laptops as high results and reasons of deforestation, they would give a proper sample, teach people to respect there nature and would understand what virtue in regard of compassion means.

    Sadly they just try to be hero, rather than to strive to be real hero.

    When ever you face somebody having failed in his intention out of lacking wisdom, it will hurt you, it will hurt you deep. Why, because you are suddenly attached, it's a mirror of yours.

    Friend, start to have faith in what the Buddha taught and stop this outside fight.
    Put your effort into freedom of suffering and you share endless beings the freedom of harm.

    You have killed, stolen, spoken untrue enough. Its really time to walk on the path. Wake up!