Monday, February 27, 2012

Public Invitation to Meet Ven. Loun Sovath in Montreal on March 3, 2012

Dear Friends;
Ven. Loun Sovath is currently visiting Canada. He is an outspoken activist, documentary filmmaker, and poet – and earlier this month he boarded a plane to deliver his message of Truth about Cambodia to Canadians and Khmer-Canadian community.

He will speak at an event organized by Cambodian community at Buddha Sodharam Temple on March 3, 2012 on the title of "Monk's Roles During Injustice Events in Cambodia".

Venerable Loun Sovath is a Cambodian monk who witnessed with his nephew and brother injured by bullets for trying to farm in their own land. When 12 others were sent to prison he decided to speak out. Since he became a Human Rights Defender, the Venerable Luon Sovath has been accused of incitement and threatened such as beatings, death threat, defrocking and expelling from the monastery.

Human Rights Watch has awarded a prestigious Hellman/Hammett Award to the Venerable Loun Sovath for his human rights defending work supporting communities facing forced evictions and land-grabbing in Cambodia. This once-in-a-rare opportunity to see Ven. Sovath in person that everyone should not miss it.

For further information, please consult the attach file.

Thank you,

Chuop Samnang
Event Organizer
514-543 1479

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