Friday, October 7, 2011

Threatening speech of Supreme Patriarch Tep Vong regarding Ven. Luon Sovath

==>Listen the threatening voice of Supreme Patriarch Tep Vong towards Preah Krou Saccamuni Loun Sovath in part of the Voice of Democracy (VOD) broadcasted on May 5, 2011.

Courtesy of the 8th Conference of Vesak of the UNs Day

No. If you desire to behave like the ordinary people, behave like ordinary people, (so) it will not affect on the Viniya, the religion. If you (threat intoned) lead them to do so, disrobe first before you get involve with them, so it can be called you help them to seek justice. You (threat intoned) make religion damaged in among those people and you are called seeking justice?. The status of the monk are different from the status of the lay people. Go to live with those people, go (threat), no one prohibit that in accordance with the right of belief, but using the monk status is illegal, those supporters (threat intoned) are also illegal. (Unofficial translation by Pheak)


  1. Straight, clear word with freedom of choice and according to what the Buddha talked.

    May all find the right way and a peaceful way.

    As a monk one has so much possibilities to teach about the essence for all worldly suffering and also the way to escape from it.
    If one feels not mature to walk this way and do not have the right amount of saddha (faith), it is good to walk a different way.

    It's like if somebody likes to ride on two vehicles at the same time, it is natural that there is a lot of potential of accidents and the driver like the vehicles are not very safe.

    I wish dear Luon Sovath that he makes the best choice out of his capacity and his talents for the benefit, well fair and peace of all involved people.

    with metta

  2. Somdech Tep Vong is well-known in Cambodia for his involvement with the politics especially with the Cambodian People Party (CPP). Everywhere, if had chance to speak, he will remind people on the good attitude and gratefulness on the controversial day of Vietnam invaded Cambodia in January 7, 1979. His knowledge in Buddhism is very little. He couldn't count the eightfold path correctly. He is just a mouthpiece for the CPP. He is good at using water magic or palm reading or fortune telling...etc.

  3. Dear Administrator (maybe dear Anonymous ?)
    Why do you delete posts?

    If there was something wrong with it, it would be great if you response.
    This kind would be not different to the way it is criticized often on this page.

    If we judge the statements of Supreme Patriarch Tep Vong, there is nothing to criticize as it is according to the advices of the Buddha.

    If we instead judge peoples, we could fail, because of our attachments.

    That is not the way Buddha taught us to judge and its not the way that leads to peace and real justice.

    Justice comes form just and has nothing to do with a person or being but about the action in the right moment.

    Also Supreme Patriarch Tep Vong did not judge a person, but the action that could be not according to the behavior of somebody who vowed to follow the Vinaya.

    I don't see any problems for all sides to improve critic and if we like to do it with care we look at the advices of the Buddhas without involving or ideas of how it should be.

    No need to see enemies in critic, we should be beyond such black white thinking.

    with metta