Monday, October 3, 2011

The Cause of Progress - Ven. Loun Sovath

A violent land dispute left four men in hospital and twelve in jail. Luon Sovath swapped his paintbrush for a camera after his family were shot. Video is a source of information, and information is a community's power. And become a human rights defender and video activist.

The problem of people and the path of Buddha are not different. Buddha's role was that of a man who saved people. So we need to follow the peaceful path of the Buddha. He has been threaten of defrocking, eviction and arrest.

Authority: this law prohibits you to participate in any activity that can destroy our religion. And religion belongs to the government. You can come to visit the villagers but you cannot lead them to protest.

I want to verify with the villagers. Everyone, did I gather and lead you to protest? No he does not. Did I lead you to protest? No, you don't. So you can see that I didn't lead them here to protest.

What is the problem brother? We are not going to stop until you meet with the head monk. I have to ask you to get out of the car to meet the head of the monks. Come on. What you are doing is wrong. We warned you but you do not listen to us. Get out. Drag him out.

They shot my relatives and they want to harm and to arrest the monk too. This is such an injustice. They arrested our villagers and now they want to arrest our monk too. This is unfair.

Please you cannot arrest the monk. They said they are not going to arrest him.

They have not been able to successfully defrock me. So they are finding other methods, like forced eviction. My room which I have lived in for 20 years as a monk has been taken. But I will struggle to get justice for people, for society and for myself.

The Cause of Progress - Loun Sovath Teaser Trailer from Little Ease Films on Vimeo.

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